Introducing the Picplum Photo Printing API

Sending photos prints with PicplumIntegrate Picplum photo printing in your own app.

It’s hard to believe that we launched Picplum almost exactly a year ago. We have been focusing on making the best possible user experience for effortlessly sharing high-quality photo prints with loved ones. Along the way many developers have asked when they would be able to offer Picplum printing directly in their own apps. We’re happy to announce our first Picplum API today!

Today we’re releasing our API for developers to integrate into their own apps and services — whether they’re for editing photos, sharing them, or collecting photos around events, gifting etc.

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Designing for Picplum - the Packaging Process

This guest post is by Stephanie Janning (@spjdesign). Stephanie is a freelance designer from Palo Alto, CA that worked with us to develop the new Picplum packaging.

When the Picplum guys approached me to help them design their photo packaging, I was psyched to try out a new form of design. Creating something chic and sleek in a 3 dimensional and functional product was a totally new challenge! Continue Reading →

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Print Your Instagrams With Picplum!

We all love Instagram here at Picplum (Paul has taken over 1600!). Now you can easily select and print all your favorite Instagram photos on Picplum! We can even automatically grab any Instagram photos you take and add them to your Picplum account without you having to do a thing.

Picplum Announces Instagram Support!
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Introducing the New Picplum

Today we’re announcing a milestone update to Picplum. Since we launched Picplum last August, we’ve been listening and talking with our users to see how Picplum should evolve.

The Picplum homepage

Picplum is the easiest way to send photo prints online. The user experience is unparalleled and made for people that wish to share their best moments with close family and friends via high quality photo prints in a nice package. It’s the perfect gift, especially for those with young ones in their families.

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Introducing Multiple Print Sizes!

4x6 photo prints are great and all, but what if you want something a bit…bigger? Now you can send square 4x4, 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10 prints via Picplum! They’re printed with the same quality as our smaller ones, and look absolutely stunning in frames or albums.

Picplum Products
Checkout the new Picplum Products!

We’ve made it as simple as possible to adjust the size of each print. When you’re looking at the photos you want to send, each one has a tiny indicator in the lower-left hand corner that lets you know how big it will be printed.

All you need to do to change this is hover over this indicator. A popup will appear with different size choices. Choose the size that you want for the print, and the indicator will adjust accordingly.

Hover the size indicator on any image in your current batch to change itYou can print any photo as a 4x4, 4x6, 5x7, or 8x10 print.

That’s it! The rest of the purchasing process is exactly the same. You can also check out our products page to see how much it will cost to ship prints of each and every size.


The 4x4 and 4x6 prints are packaged in our custom embossed picplum envelope. The larger sizes are packaged in a protective sleeve inside a rigid mailer.

What you think of this new feature?

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Send Greetings With Your Picplum Prints!

A lot of our users have been asking for a way to send messages to friends and family along with their photos. So we’re excited to announce that you can now send a greeting with your photos!

Each greeting is printed on a 4x6 print and is included as the first photo in each package. Greetings are included free of charge! Some of you may have already seen this feature if you’ve sent a batch recently:

The Picplum greeting interface: preview a greeting
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Free Shipping for Mother’s Day!

In appreciation for Mother’s Day (just around the corner — May 13th!), Picplum is giving you free shipping as a gift when you send 15 or more photos.

Send your mom some of your cherished memories for mother's day.

What photos to send?

Send your mom some of your cherished memories for Mother’s Day:

  • Your recent travel photos.
  • Photos of you and your mother — from old photos all the way to recent memories.
  • Photos of you and your significant other.
  • Photos of your children to share with grandma.

Login to upload some photos now or email photos from your phone to Remember it takes 3-5 days for shipping time in the U.S. so send out your photos as soon as possible.

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Photowalking 101

Question: What are all these people with their smartphones doing?

San Francisco Photowalkers near the Vallejo Street Steps

Answer: They’re on a photowalk of course! This past Saturday I took part in a 3 hour photowalk with a group of San Francisco photowalkers. As described Continue Reading →

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Capturing a Feeling

This guest post was written by Basheer Tome (@Sheero), a photographer, student and interaction designer in Atlanta. His camera of choice is the Canon 5D Mark II.

Some of our strongest memories aren’t just of events, or people, or things — they’re of feelings. Or at the very least, feelings play a huge role in our memories and the rest of the cast and crew serve to give them context for how you remember those feelings.

Monkeying Around

Seeing a tablecloth pattern can make us salivate, the creases in a map can trigger wanderlust, and even a single strawberry can trigger an entire memory.

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