How to Send Photo Prints With Picplum in 60 Seconds

Here is a quick tutorial on how to send your favorite photos as prints via Picplum. In this video Akshay sends 5 photos to his mom and sister. Visit Picplum to get started.

You can send photos prints via Picplum in three easy steps.

1. Upload Photos

You can upload photos via simple drag-n-drop or regular click to upload button. You can also upload photos via email. Just send your photos to and we’ll automatically upload them to your account. This is great for sending your photos from iPhone or Android phone.

2. Add a Recipient

You can send your photos via email (free) or mailed photo prints. Just add yourself or anyone else who you would like to send the photos to. You can use Picplum to send photo prints to anyone around the world.

3. Send Photos

Once you are ready to send the photos, just hit the “Send Now” button which will take you to the send screen. Here you can preview the photos that are being sent. You can even add additional recipients here. Feel free to edit the address or email of any recipient on this screen. Hit “Send” and your photos will be printed and shipped the next day.

Happy photo sharing!