Introducing the New Picplum

Today we’re announcing a milestone update to Picplum. Since we launched Picplum last August, we’ve been listening and talking with our users to see how Picplum should evolve.

The Picplum homepage

Picplum is the easiest way to send photo prints online. The user experience is unparalleled and made for people that wish to share their best moments with close family and friends via high quality photo prints in a nice package. It’s the perfect gift, especially for those with young ones in their families.

With this update we’ve touched every single aspect of Picplum:

  • Making it simple for new users to send their first prints
  • Multiple print sizes (like 8” x 10” prints!), so you can showcase your best moments
  • Easily adding Facebook friends as recipients
  • Making it easier for users by asking recipients for their mailing addresses
  • Adding personalized greetings
  • Easier ways to share photos after a batch has been sent

Learning from our users

In the last year we’ve learned a lot about our users. Without a doubt, Picplum works extremely well with new parents and moms. Another popular use we’ve seen is Picplum as “the new postcard”. Instead of sending a single postcard from your trip, people will send their favorite shots as a package to their family and friends.

We’ve also learned something interesting from our metrics: most users who signed up and uploaded photos ended up buying them as prints. So we knew we had a solid onboarding process once people signed up – we just needed to make it easier to get started. We now allow new users to upload or drag photos directly onto the homepage even if they don’t have an account yet!

Multiple photo sizes and keeping it simple.

We knew early on that our users wanted larger photo print sizes, but we stuck with 4”x6” prints until we could build the best experience possible for our users: offering more options without cluttering the site. The last thing we want is for Picplum to be a typical ecommerce experience–users should be focused on sharing their memories and experiences, not adding products to a cart.

New Picplum print sizes

We’ve made it easy to select a print size for any photo: the traditional 4”x6”, and our new 5”x7”, 8”x10”, and square 4”x4”. If you add a square photo, we’ll automatically select our new 4”x4” size. We will be adding even more print sizes soon!

We’ve also made it easier for users to view our products and calculate the price for their prints and shipping on our products page.

An easier way of adding recipients without having to know their address

We’ve added a number of features to streamline the ordering process with Picplum. Users can connect their Facebook accounts to easily add their friends and family as recipients. In addition, we’ve made it remarkably easy to add mailing addresses. When you start typing, we’ll autocomplete it, just like Google Maps does.

Picplum- Ask for Recipient's Address
Don’t have someone’s address? Let us ask them for you!

Since you may not always know the addresses of your friends and family, we’ve added a feature to message your recipient and link them to an address form to receive their Picplum gift. Your photos will automatically ship when Picplum receives your recipient’s address.

Personalized Greetings

For every recipient receiving photo prints we let users customize a greeting to be included with every order. It’s a free greeting card with every package, and users can add notes or share stories about the photos they’re sending.

New Picplum Greeting

Beautiful shared pages

Users can easily share a link to a streamlined slideshow of their photos. The viewer can decide to select and print any or all the photos from that page— even if they aren’t a Picplum user. These pages are a great way to share baby photos, travel photos and wedding photos.

New Picplum Share pages
Your best moments deserve a great gallery to share them with.

Last but not least, we have a new Picplum package. The user experience shouldn’t end with the site—we want recipients to notice the quality of their Picplum gift from the packaging to the photo paper.

New Picplum Packaging


Let us know what you think of the New Picplum! Give it a shot. We’d love to hear from you.