Introducing the Picplum Photo Printing API

Sending photos prints with PicplumIntegrate Picplum photo printing in your own app.

It’s hard to believe that we launched Picplum almost exactly a year ago. We have been focusing on making the best possible user experience for effortlessly sharing high-quality photo prints with loved ones. Along the way many developers have asked when they would be able to offer Picplum printing directly in their own apps. We’re happy to announce our first Picplum API today!

Today we’re releasing our API for developers to integrate into their own apps and services — whether they’re for editing photos, sharing them, or collecting photos around events, gifting etc.

The Picplum API makes it easy to integrate photo printing into web or mobile apps: your users can upload photos from your app to Picplum and buy photo prints for themselves or for friends and family. We’ll handle the printing and shipping, as well as a few other things (asking recipients for their addresses if the user doesn’t have it and emailing photos and sending shipping notifications) to make your life easier.

Why Picplum?

We’ve found Picplum to be great for sending family photos and sharing memories from weddings and other life events, and photography enthusiasts can print their Instagrams or large photos to display on a wall. Picplum users have shared stories about how timely and appreciated a photo package is and we’re confident the quality will keep your users coming back for more.

How the API works

The Picplum API uses an OAuth 2.0 flow and all API requests are done through POST or GET over HTTPS:

  • Register your application to receive your OAuth client credentials
  • Authorize users through your application to upload photos, add mail or email recipients, and send out a batch of photos

Take a look at the API documentation to get started and then register your application (you’ll need a Picplum account to register an app).

Print Products

Our photos are printed on archival-quality lustre paper for accurate color reproduction without glare and fingerprint marks. Picplum has several sizes available from square 4”x4” prints to 8”x10” with more products and sizes being added regularly.

We do have the ability to print and personalize other print products such as postcards, greeting cards, panoromic prints, large format prints, calendars and more. If you have needs to integrate other products in your app or service please reach out to us.

Monetization and Revenue sharing

We are still in the process of integrating revenue sharing into the API.

We want to hear from you!

This is our first version of an API for Picplum and there are definitely some things left to add but we want to hear from you on what you would like to see! Send us an email if you have any thoughts or questions.