What Is Bokeh Photography?

Bokeh has become one of my favorite photography terms in the last few years. It describes a style of photography where there is an extremely shallow depth of field — the region where a subject will appear focused — and a blurry background. In particular, bokeh is defined as the quality of that blurred background. This helps make your subject stand out — it’s quite a neat effect. You can learn about the technical aspects of bokeh on photographer Ken Rockwell’s website.

Photo of a baby with bokeh background
A photograph I took of my nephew with a Canon 7D at f/1.4 (very large aperture).
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Sending Prints Made (Even) Easier!

You told us you wanted an easier way to switch between recipients when sending photo prints and we listened. There’s a new Picplum sending page that lets you add, edit and quickly check off whether each recipient receives photo prints in the mail or photos via email. If you have many recipients, a search box appears to make it easy to find and edit recipients.

Picplum's New Photo Sending Page
The New Sending Page!

You will also notice several “i” info icons — there’s one next to Select Recipients and another next to the total price. Just hover over them to learn more about those sections. The latter Continue Reading →

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Picplum Goes to Photo Hack Day 2 NYC

Team Picplum just had a great weekend in New York City after attending Photo Hack Day at the spiffy General Assembly coworking space. We quickly realized that a barely 2 day visit to NYC was not sufficient to really get a good glimpse of the city and plan to come back again soon.

Photo Hack Day 2 in NYC
On the way to NYC

We used the Hotel Tonight iPhone app to find a place in Manhattan near General Assembly and luckily came across Ace Hotel. As a Foursquare tip put it, this place is “painfully hipster.” But we enjoyed the vibe in the bustling lobby that turns into a loud bar at night, the great coffee next door at Stumptown and the rather unique design of the place (dimly lit halls with the only light emanating from the number of your hotel room — adorned in kern-perfect typography of course).

But the part that caught my attention the most (aside from the ridiculously narrow room just barely wider than the length of the bed)? Each room comes equipped with a Polaroid camera for guests to use during their stay. Nice touch. But I digress, back to what we came to NYC for:

Photo Hack Day 2 + Picplum Photo Prints

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Invite Your Friends and Earn Free Credit

We have added an easy way for you to invite your friends to Picplum. You can invite friends via email, Tweet or sharing it on Facebook. We also made simple link for you to share.

We really want people to try Picplum without having to commit or pay anything. That’s why when you invite your friends and family to Picplum, they get $5 in credits. The best part is when they send out their first set of photos, we also send you $5 in credits as our way of thanking you :).

Print credits.
Picplum Credits! There are no limits on invite credits!

You can also buy a gift and invite someone from our Picplum gifting page.
Gift Picplum

The invite link is located in the drop-down on the top bar where your name is.

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Startups: Don’t Host Your Blog on Tumblr

We were in the middle of our first Picplum GrubWithUs meal (join our group; we will begin hosting monthly dinners!) and began discussing the recent move by Google to block Twitter in results. The conversation evolved into how I had begun working on moving the Picplum blog away from Tumblr to a Heroku-hosted custom Jekyll setup. Ben Guild of Mobile17 was curious why I would go through so much effort, including creating a new blog design, simply to avoid Tumblr.

Picplum / YC Alumni edition GrubWithUs dinner at Ironside SF
A happy bunch at a Picplum GrubWithUs meal. L to R: Ben (Mobile17), Nate (AT&T Interactive), Hung (Cisco), Akshay (Picplum), Josh (Weebly), Semil (Votizen/TechCrunch), Chris (TutorCloud), Paul (me!), Pete (Omni Consumer Products)
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Picplum + Ifttt = Happiness

Want to automatically add photos to your Picplum account when you post photos to other services? You can use the service ifttt (short for if this then that). It lets you create triggers and then do something when that happens. We have started seeing Picplum users making ifttt “recipes” for Picplum¬†and other services like Continue Reading →

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How Can We Make Picplum Better?

We’re always asking ourselves this question. Now you can easily help us figure this out! Any time you are on your Account page, simply scroll to the bottom and you’ll see this new form. Great for sharing random ideas, telling us about any issues or if you just want to let us know how you’re day went!

picplum feedback form

Of course, we still have our contact page for any beefier inquiries to which you need a reply.

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New Batch Scheduling, Pricing, More.. Oh, My!

With Picplum we set out to create the best experience for easily sending prints to loved ones. Since our launch just two months ago we have been keeping busy perfecting this experience. We built a faster photo uploader, made it easier to see the status of your prints, see your invoices and more.

Well, the updates continue! We launched Picplum gifts, updated our pricing, made it schedule exactly when your recurring batch Continue Reading →

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iPhone Tip: Email Multiple Photos

So you just took a ton of great photos of your nephew on your iPhone and want to email them to Picplum but hate having to do it all one-by-one. Fortunately there is a little known way to email up to 5 photos at a time on the iPhone!

Step 1) Open the Camera app on Continue Reading →

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